1. Give a Little

From the recording Sung by Pros

Music and Lyrics by Jeff Neville c2017
Produced, performed and arranged by Jeff Neville
Singer: Melody Marcotte
Engineered by Sam Beckley, Gremlen Studios, Aurora, IL


Give a Little
Music and Lyrics by Jeff Neville c2017

Here on death row / They make you pay more than you owe
No room for growth / but the prisoner in front of me can’t let go
Every day’s a miracle you know

You gotta give a little to get a little to get somewhere with me
Then we gotta take a little break in between

We congregate / Down in the chapel way too late
And they can’t wait / It’s not a good format for a debate
It’s just a place to focus all their hate


I start to clap / The preacher’s sermon is all an act
He sets the trap / The entire service meant to distract
As they take their turns to stab me in the back


The thought police / Make everything here worse than it seems
Inside my dreams / Don’t they have any other place to be?
Maybe they are lonelier than me